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Unleash The Invisible Shield Of XPEL Ceramic Coating

Picture this: you pull out of the dealership in your brand new car, its paint gleaming like a mirror, the sun’s reflection blinding your fellow commuters. When you’re in your vehicle for 330 hours a year, you want your car to be a reflection of your personality and style. But that showroom shine can’t last forever. Every time you take your car out, it faces an assault from the elements and the road. The sun’s relentless UV rays beat down, harsh winds and toxic rains whip up dust, debris, and contaminants, and bird droppings become a constant threat.

The result? Faded paint, a dull finish, and a growing network of scratches. It’s enough to make any car lover wince.

But what if there was a quick and affordable way to shield your car’s beauty and preserve that showroom shine for years to come? Enter XPEL ceramic coating, a revolutionary technology that acts like an invisible suit of armor for your car’s paintwork.

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What is XPEL Ceramic Coating

XPEL Ceramic Coating is a professional-grade treatment that bonds directly to your car’s paint or paint protection film (PPF) at a molecular level to seal and protect your vehicle’s surfaces from environmental contaminants and damaging UV rays.

Who Is XPEL?

XPEL, an American company rooted in San Antonio, TX, has built a reputation for itself for its quality and innovation in the automotive scene. Beginning its journey with a mission to offer superior paint protection solutions, XPEL quickly rose to the top, propelled by revolutionary products like the XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS. They now offer a multitude of protection products across vehicles, boats, homes, and offices. Their growth from a small-scale operation in San Antonio to an international industry leader is a testament to their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Why get lost in the maze of generic foreign PPF brands when the best is waiting right in your backyard? Embrace American excellence and local business with a choice that elevates your vehicle’s protection beyond the ordinary.

Who We Are

Based in Leander, TX, we are your one-stop solution for exceptional vehicle care services. We specialize in XPEL window tinting, paint protection film, paint correction, ceramic coating, and meticulous detailing.

As an XPEL Certified Shop that has been through XPEL’s training and certifications, you can rest assured that your vehicle is being protected by an extremely knowledgeable staff.

Choosing Apex Auto Shield means you not only get the incredible warranty that comes with XPEL but also include our free 4-week follow-up inspection to ensure integrity and appearance. We meticulously clean every vehicle before applying any product, ensuring the best possible adherence and finish.

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring you receive a protection plan that not only meets your vehicle’s needs but also aligns with your budget.

Give us a call or contact us to learn how we can ensure your vehicle’s elegance and durability in the greater Austin, TX, area, where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating offers a variety of benefits for your car’s exterior. A liquid polymer applied by hand, it chemically bonds with the paint to create a protective layer. This layer acts as a shield against environmental threats. Bird droppings, sap, and road grime bead up on the surface due to the coating’s hydrophobic properties, making them easier to remove without scratching the paint. The ceramic layer can also protect your car’s paint from acid rain, industrial pollution, and other harsh chemicals that can cause fading and oxidation over time. Additionally, it helps block harmful UV rays from the sun, which can damage the paint and make it lose its shine.

Ceramic coating not only protects your car, but it can also make it easier to wash. The hydrophobic surface repels water and dirt, reducing the amount that sticks to the paint. This means you’ll wash your car less often and spend less time scrubbing to remove dirt and grime. Washing your car becomes a simple process of rinsing off the contaminants, thanks to the ceramic coating.

Where Can Ceramic Coating Be Applied?

We’ve explored the impressive protective benefits of ceramic coating, but where exactly on your car can coating be applied? XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating is a versatile product, offering its advantages throughout your vehicle. Let’s delve into the specific areas where XPEL ceramic coating can work its magic.

Wheel & Caliper

XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating for wheels and brake calipers provides durable protection against environmental hazards like brake dust, road salts, and debris, while also enhancing their appearance with a glossy, reflective finish. Its hydrophobic properties make cleaning effortless, and its heat resistance ensures long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for preserving the like-new condition of your vehicle’s essential components.


Applying XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating for window glass offers an advanced solution for enhancing visibility and protection. Applied as a transparent layer, it repels water, dirt, and grime, improving clarity and making cleaning easier while providing long-lasting resistance against environmental elements.

Plastic & Trim

XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating for plastic trim provides durable protection against fading, discoloration, and environmental damage, while also restoring and enhancing its appearance with a sleek, glossy finish. Applied as a clear, resilient layer, it repels water and prevents contaminants from adhering, ensuring long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance for your vehicle’s plastic trim.


If you’re looking for a robust interior solution for protecting fabric and leather surfaces from stains, spills, and UV damage, while also enhancing their appearance, look no further than XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating. Applied as a transparent barrier, it repels liquids and prevents absorption, making cleaning effortless and ensuring long-lasting protection for your vehicle’s interior upholstery.

Ceramic Coating vs PPF

Ceramic coating is for customers looking for simple and affordable protection along with increased shine, gloss, and depth of color, along with great hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties.

PPF is for customers who want an added layer of protection against rock chips and scratches.

Sealing PPF onto a vehicle with a coat of ceramic coating is extremely common. This offers the best-case scenario.

By combining ceramic coating with PPF, you get the best of both worlds:


XPEL ceramic coating offers an easy solution for protecting your vehicle’s investment and preserving its showroom shine. From its exceptional resistance against environmental hazards to its hydrophobic properties that make washing a breeze, XPEL ceramic coating provides a level of protection and ease of maintenance that’s unmatched by traditional waxes and sealants.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply someone who wants to keep their car looking its best, XPEL ceramic coating is a worthwhile investment.

Come visit us if you’re in the great Austin area or find a reputable XPEL installer in your area to learn more about how XPEL can benefit your car.

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